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So, you want to know what we're about?

MetalCloak is a company of passionate "customer-driven" engineers and off-road enthusiasts.

We focus on designing and manufacturing Game-Changing Products for the Off Road Enthusiasts.

From Hard-Core Rock-Crawling to Overland Adventures, our team works daily to build the best, most revolutionary, products for your Jeep.

Our goal is to provide the best experience from your first visit to our website to installing your products, every step should be the best experience you have ever had with any off-road company, period.

If we can't make you happy, we have no reason to be in business.

We listen to our customers. You can always click the Contact Us Button at the top of the page and share anything with us. We want to hear from you.

We are honored that anyone would choose MetalCloak products and we promise to work hard to earn your trust and value that relationship.


Originally founded in 2006, as Rev111, we took the Jeeping community by storm with the first and only Arched Tube Fender, achieving High-Line clearance without cutting your stock fenders or hood. Now, we are now known as MetalCloak and are once again bringing out the best quality Body Armor products, including the Arched Tube Fender and Overline Tube Fenders (for the traditional look), across multiple platforms from CJ5 - JK, and continuing to gain the most clearance and easiest installation in the industry.

From Front Bumper to Rear Bumper we've developed a unique & functional Cloaked body armor system for open top Jeeps

In 2010 we entered the Suspension market with the revolutionary 6Pak shock system and the Duroflex Joint, the first high-misalignment vibration dampening joint.

As of today, we are strong in both markets, and continue to grow.


At MetalCloak we are a Systems Based Company. Our philosophy is to develop systems that work incredibly well, designing every individual part to function and improve that system.

From Computer Aided Design (CAD) of every individual part, to CNC manufacturing processes, we set a high standard of quality control to ensure that every product will fit your rig the right way every time!

And, of course, MetalCloak is a Certified Made in the USA company.


Aaron Colacchia - President/CEO
Aaron is an outdoor enthusiast whose passion for great engineering and innovative product design led him to acquire Rev111 after they closed their doors in early 2008. Aaron has designed and run multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities for several international companies and is bringing that expertise to MetalCloak. Aaron has his choice of rigs... Cloak1, our 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, Cloak3, a 2009 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon outfitted with our Overline products, and Cloak5, "Yellow Fever" our 2008 JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon outfitted with our Overland Products.

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey - VP Sales & Marketing
Matson is a serial entrepreneur and a budding adventurer who considers an episode of Survivorman to be part of his doctoral studies of living every day to the fullest. From hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to founding the world famous West Coast Brew Fest, Matson loves the outdoors and bringing together people for nothing less than the time of their lives! Joining the MetalCloak team in 2009, Matson has developed a reputation as MetalCloak's designated Jeep Abuser. If it can break, he'll find a way to do it. Matson's rig was Cloak2 - a 1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ, but now drives most of Metalcloak's shop rigs as well as racing in the KOH Everyman Challenge class with his 1977 CJ7, designated "Land Use Liberty" #4576. Matson holds the current status of 2013 Nor Cal Rock Racing Series Champion and made it to mile 82 of the 2014 EMC Stock Mod Class.

Scott Becker - Multi-Media Director
Scott, a 14 year veteran of the Off-Road Industry, joined Metalcloak originally after Rubicon Express closed in 2011 as a consultant helping us reach the Suspension marketplace. Now a full-time member of the team, Scott heads up the website and video production unit, taking our installation and product support videos to a new level. Scott has enjoyed all forms of dirt sports but now focuses his time on grinding it up at the local skate park. Scott drive's a Comanche sporting a Metalcloak suspension with 6Paks, and an LS, just for fun.

Will Richason - Sales, Customer Service & Technical Support
Will comes to MetalCloak from 4 Wheel Parts where he spent 10 years deeply embedded in the Off Road Industry. He brings an intense knowledge of suspensions, body armor and general off road components as well as a true passion for the community. When not helping customers at MetalCloak, Will is active with his local off road club and with the California Association of 4Wheel Drives clubs. With CA4WD Will co-chaired the 2013 Convention held here in Rancho Cordova, California. Will is building a 52 Willy's.

Eric Ennis - Sales, Customer Service & Technical Support
Eric brings over 20 years of experience in the Off Road Aftermarket Parts industry including most recently 13 years with Rubicon Express. His knowledge of suspension systems is only outweighed by his passion for everything technical... from RC Cars (he has too many to count) to Motocross, Eric is active in the outdoors and loved the off-road lifestyle. Eric drove a Cherokee for years but got tired of pushing us for more products so he now wheels a 2014 JK Wrangler 2-Door featuring our new Hardline Fenders.

"Jeepineer" - The Chief Engineer
Doug, our reclusive chief engineer, works day and night to bring Precision designed and engineered products that are never "me too" - instead striving to build unique and functional trail-tested components for your rig. As Doug says, sometimes we miss, but most of the time, we get it right. And it is your feedback that helps us achieve those on-target, right products. Doug is the inventor of the 6Pak Shock and the Duroflex Joint. His rig is a 2009 JK Unlimited Rubicon.

"Jeepineer, Jr." - Engineer
Blake, aka "Jr.". comes from a recreational engineering background, having previously designed wake-board towers and equipment. He brings a keen eye for the aesthetic as well as a precision understanding of functionality to the off-road industry. We are looking forward to more of his incredible design work. Blake drives a 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

Justin McMurray - Purchasing Manager
Justin joins us after 13 years with Rubicon Express, most recently helping that fabled company make the successful transition from privately owned to a member of the Transamerican conglomerate. Justin brings incredible experience and insight and has been key in keeping Metalcloak product delivery times down. He loved the outdoors and is currently doing a full resto/build on a 1969 Bronco. (It's Okay, he still likes Jeeps!)

Rob Steele - Production Manager / Master Welder
Rob runs the shop. Need I say more? Every product that goes out the door, Rob oversees to ensure the best possible quality. Rob also is in charge of making sure every product is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure your product arrives at your door as intended, despite the turmoil UPS or our other shippers may cause. Rob drives a Cloaked 1983 CJ-7.

While we can't list every employee here, we are proud of our team and the products they make. Feel free to visit us any time at our shop in Northern California.