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The Jeep Wrangler TJ
was first introduced in Spring 1996 as the new 1997 model. Featuring a coil-spring suspension for the very first time (based on the success of the Jeep Grand Cherokee) providing better ride and handling.

Featuring a return to the classic round lights for a traditional front clip look and feel, the TJ used the same workhorse 4.0L Straight 6 found in Cherokees and an inline 4 on some models.

The Jeep TJ was also the first platform for the Rubicon badging, featuring Dana44 front and rear and an upgraded transfercase. Easily updated and modified, the TJ continues to be a favorite amongst Jeep enthusiasts. In 2004, Chrysler introduced the TJ Unlimited (also known as the LJ) which featured a 10" Longer wheelbase - the LJ is coveted by Jeep enthusiasts.

MetalCloak's product lines started with the TJ Wrangler. From Arched Tube Fenders, allowing 35" Tires on a Stock TJ with no lift, to the Overline Tube Fenders, which provide a more classic flat fender look, MetalCloak's TJ Body Armor System is rugged, trail proven, easy to install and provides tremendous long term cost savings.

In 2012 MetalCloak Introduces it's first TJ Suspension System, providing unprecedented ride quality and long arm flex in a short arm system.

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