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JK Wrangler Overland & Expedition
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Go Overland... the World Awaits.

MetalCloak introduces the Overland Series... while our original Overline Tube Fenders for the JK and JK Unlimited provide the most clearance and strength in the industry, not all discerning JK Owners need rock-biting body armor...

The Overland Fender System offers...

  • Same MetalCloak Quality Finish and Precision Fit
  • Signature Metalcloak Look
  • Easily fit 35's with No Lift
  • One Piece Fenders
  • Available in Steel or Aluminum
  • Easy to Install
  • Optional Replacement Inner Fender Wells
  • Strong Enough to Hold a 250lb Man
  • Award Winning Lifetime Customer Service

Overland is more then just the fenders... it's a lifestyle. Driving the open plain. Checking out ghost towns in the desert. Camping the backwoods. Rain, Sleet or Shine. When you go Overland, the adventure is calling. At MetalCloak, we want to share your adventure.

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