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MetalCloak's Frame-BuiltTM Jeep Bumper System
"The Best Bumper for Off (and On) Road!"

Why is it the best bumper? Because it is not only the most rugged bumper build for the JK Wrangler, but it is the most configurable. With over 250 possible combinations, you can truly make it your own.

Just click and choose each component below...

  1. Choose a Base
  2. Choose Your End Caps
  3. Choose Your Hoop
  4. Add a Fairlead
  5. Click "Add To Cart" at the bottom of the page.

Now you have your own, personal, custom bumper.

Want a simpler approach, you can either choose a Pre-Configured or submit a request for Build Your Own Bumper CAD Rendering.

JK Bumper Movie

JK Frame-Built Front Bumper

JK Frame Built Jeep Bumper

Pre-Configured Bumpers to Consider

JK Wrangler Rear Jeep Tire Carrier Bumper

JK Wrangler Rear Bumper

JK Wrangler Suspension and Lift Kit

JK Suspension & Lift Kits

2017 Sidekick Off Road Event Calendar JK Frame-Built Combo Bumper Base JK Winch Cover Plate
JK Combo Bumper Base Skid Plate 46" Crawler Caps, JK 56" Light Caps, JK
72" Stock Flare Light Caps, JK Aluminum Fixed Fairlead, JK Aluminum Fixed Fairlead Offset, JK
Roller/Fairlead Bracket Roller/Fairlead Bracket Bull Bar Winch Guard, JK
Bull Bar, JK
: 109.00

Winch Guard, JK Jeep Bumper Stinger JK Jeep Bumper Stinger JK
Winch Guard, JK
: 119.00

Mid Stinger, JK
: 199.00

2012 JK Wrangler Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit JK Wrangler sPod Mount and Vacuum Pump Kit JK Front Bumper Light Bar for the Metalcloak Frame Built bumper
MetalCloak Jeep Tow Bar Adapter MetalCloak Jeep Stainless Steel Shackles
Tow Bar Adapter
: 54.00

License Plate Mount Reinforcement Bracket Kit
Metalcloak Gift Certificate