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Jeep Wrangler & CJ Integrated Rocker Rails

The MetalCloak Jeep Rocker Rail is Strength through Simplicity.

Easy to install and plenty tough to take on Mother Nature, the Jeep Rocker Rail and the integrated MetalCloak Rocker System provides proven rugged protection for your Jeep.

Introduction to MetalCloak Rockers

Arched Tube Fender

Arched Tube Fenders

Jeep Rocker Protection

Overline Tube Fenders

Jeep Corner Guard Protection

Corner Guards

Metalcloak Rocker Rail, Pair, YJ/CJ-7 Metalcloak Bolt-On Rocker Rail, Pair, TJ Metalcloak Bolt-On Stocker Rocker, Pair, TJ
Metalcloak Rocker Rail, CJ-5, Pair Metalcloak Stocker Rocker, TJ Unlimited / LJ, Pair Metalcloak Rocker Rail, TJ Unlimited / LJ, Pair
OverLand Rocker Kit, 2 Door OverLand Rocker Flip Step, Pair, JK, 4-Door Overland Rocker Rail, Pair, JK, 2-Door
OverLAND Rocker System, Pair, JK, 4-Door Rocker Rail JK Rocker ExoSkin JK
Rocker Rail JK Unlimited Rocker ExoSkin JK Unlimited OverLand Rocker Flip Step, Pair, JK, 2-Door
Overland Rocker Flip Step, Pair, JK, 4-Door Metalcloak Gift Certificate