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You've Got the Best... So Do We.

The Ram Truck is definitely a leader in the field and you want only the best for your rig.

Welcome to MetalCloak and the proven Duroflex Control Arms for your 1994-2012 Dodge Ram!

Engineered for lifted or leveling applications of your full size Ram Truck, the MetalCloak Dodge Ram Control Arms feature our Patent Pending Duroflex? self-centering composite bushings -- a significant improvement over stock bushings and up to 76 degrees of misalignment.

The lower Control Arms have bends strategically placed to provide added tire clearance while the upper control arms are made of Solid Chromoly for ultimate strength. Duroflex bushings are fitted on both ends of the control arms and are known for their proven durability and the smoothest ride on and off-road.

MetalCloak Dodge control arms are the perfect upgrade when modifying or upgrading the suspension on your Dodge Ram Truck.

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