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The "Gold Standard" (Program Ended July 3, 2013)
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Thank you to all who supported this campaign! The promotion ended July 3, 2013.
Keep a look out... it may be back!


MetalCloak Adopts the "Gold Standard"
(Read the Press Release)

Purchase the JK Wrangler 2.5/3.5" Suspension System ($1999 Value)
for a Single One Ounce Gold Coin

Here's how...

  • Step 1. Call us at 916-631-8071 to place your order. Tell the operator you want to adopt the "Gold Standard".
  • Step 2. Place your order with our sales staff.
  • Step 3. Ship your One Ounce Gold Coin to Metalcloak via USPS Registered Mail (see details below).
  • Step 4. We'll ship the Gold Standard suspension kit to you.

Terms & Conditions...

  1. Not available for California Residents (sorry!) or Internationally.
  2. Price does not include shipping.
  3. Transactions must be completed by calling the Metalcloak offices (916-631-8071) and placing your order, then sending the Gold Coin to Metalcloak's offices at 3259 Monier Circle, Suite 100, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742. Attn: Special Order Dept.
  4. Gold should be shipped via US Post Office Registered Mail. Do not use certified mail. Registered Mail is the most secure method of shipping or mailing anything. It requires the postal employees to sign each time it is handled. It is recommended that you package the coin into a small box. DO NOT use an envelope. Small boxes require non-automated handling. Please contact your local post office for any additional questions or recommendations.
  5. Value of shipment is retail value, however, in case of warranty service, value for refund or exchanges is a single One Ounce Gold Coin or $1999, whichever is less.
  6. Any One Ounce Gold coin is acceptable. Metalcloak will verify the validity of the Gold Coin before completing transaction. If for some reason the transaction is cancelled or the coin is not accepted, Metalcloak will mail back the same gold coin received for your order. All steps in the process are documented to ensure a safe and secure transaction.
  7. This is for the JK Wrangler Duroflex 2.5/3.5 Suspension System only, no exchanges or modifications to the kit.