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Long Arm Suspension; the choice is yours.

MetalCloak Long-Arm suspension has not only been designed to capitalize on Down-Travel, all components have been engineered to have clearance for incredible Up-Travel too.

MetalCloak utilizes cutting edge technology, we know this because we invented it. It's time to rethink everything; we did.

Deciding between a 4-link or a Radius arm suspension? The choice is yours.
For the ease of a bolt on installation the Lock-N-Load radius arm is the clear winner, however a 4-link does have a slight advantage on pinion angle control; if high speed off-road driving is your thing, it may be the way to go. Both suspensions feature more company held patented and trademarked technology than any other aftermarket Jeep manufacturer, and ensures you that you get the best performance available.

  • Duroflex bushings
  • 6Pak Shocks
  • Durotrak bushings
  • Lock-N-Load control arm
  • True Dual-Rate Coils
  • DB3 correction bracket
  • anti-flop tie rod ends
  • adjustable front & rear bump-stops and the list goes on…

Don’t forget our focus is for customer satisfaction; we will, and always will do our best to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Not sure which kit is right for you CONTACT US to speak with a suspension consultant.

Introducing the MetalCloak Lock-N-Load for the JK Wrangler

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