Like Our Products? Earn Money as an Affiliate!!!
Earn money for your group, club, or just for yourself, by becoming a MetalCloak affiliate!

Nowhere else in the hard biting, extreme aftermarket, Jeep industry can you find a program like this! Our affiliate program is uniquely designed to make it easy for you to profit from the sale of any MetalCloak product! How does it work? When you sign up as an affiliate, we will send you a link to various banner ads. All you have to do is place one or more of those ads on your site, or refer to a provided link within your blog or posting, and anytime one of your members or followers click on that link, and make a purchase at, you will receive a commission of up to 10% of the sale! How do I sign up? Just click the link below and follow the instructions, we will review your application and send you an email confirmation right away! How much will I earn? Like most affiliate programs, there is a gradient scale of commissions. Initially all affiliates will earn 5% of every sale. With the average purchase at over $800, that can really add up for you! After your first month as an affiliate, your account will be reviewed and, based on volume, the percentage will be increased up to 10%. Is 10% the maximum? No, in special cases, the percentage can be higher, depending on your relationship with MetalCloak, the amount of sales you are generating, and any other agreements that can be made. This is on a case by case basis. I am a reseller/distributor, can I carry your product? At this time, we are setting up jobbers/build shops as resellers of our product and are not signing up distributors. If your primary business is building custom Jeeps and you would like to carry our product, please contact Matson Breakey at matson (at)