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CJ Frame-Built Bumpers
MetalCloak CJ Bumper Braden Thompson

MetalCloak's Frame-BuiltTM Jeep Combo Bumper System
It's Your Rig, It's Your Style, Build a Bumper to Be Perfectly You.

FRAME-BUILT: (adj): - The exponential increase in rugged strength achieved when individually trail-tested components are bolted directly to, and built around, your Jeep's frame.

Whatever your task, whatever your need, we have the perfect front & rear bumpers for your Jeep CJ.

Every Trail-Tested Component is bolted directly to the frame, so you can always change, modify, or upgrade each component to make a new bumper for a new purpose or easily replace that rarely damaged piece.

With hundreds of possible configurations, the MetalCloak Frame-Built Bumper System is the best bumper for proven on and off-road abuse. Watch the video below to learn more...

CAD-designed and CNC-machined, our bumpers are precision-fit and designed to take a hit.

Easy to install, the Frame-Built Bumper System requires no modifications and just bolts into place.

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MetalCloak Frame-Built Bumper

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2017 Sidekick Off Road Event Calendar Frame Built Bumper Base, Hot Rolled Steel, CJ 52 Hi-Crawler Caps, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ
43 Hi-Crawler Caps, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ 43 Crawler Caps, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ Forward Angle Shackle Mounts
Aluminum Fixed Fairlead, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ Winch Guard, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ Stinger, CJ
Jeep Bumper Stinger CJ Roller/Fairlead Bracket Dendro Light Bar
Hi-Mount Shackle System, CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ MetalCloak Jeep Tow Bar Adapter MetalCloak Jeep Stainless Steel Shackles
Tow Bar Adapter
: 54.00

License Plate Mount