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TJ/LJ Wrangler Tube Fenders & Body Armor
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MetalCloak has always been a Game-Changing company. Our list of "firsts" is long...

  • The first Production Jeep Tube Fender on the market
  • The first Full Replacement Fender
  • The first Aluminum Inner Fender Well
  • The first fender with Hi-Line Clearance without cutting your hood
  • The first True Bolt-On Fender that does not require mods just to "make it fit"
  • The first Removable Flares
  • And the first Aluminum Tube Fenders

And while many in the industry have been inspired by our standards in the design of their own, there are several reasons why MetalCloak Tube Fenders are still the best value in the marketplace...

  • The Most Tire Clearance in Industry
  • True LCG, Fit 35's on a Stock TJ with no lift
  • Uses Stock Battery and Air Box, no need for aftermarket parts
  • Best Object Deflection Angle
  • Installs in 4 - 6 Hours, the hardest part is taking off your stock fenders
  • Truly Bolt-On, no special tools needed
  • MetalCloak's Award Winning Customer Service

And you have a choice! You can go with the radical design of the Arched Tube Fender or the traditional lines of the Overlines. Run them without flares or with our 4", 6", 8" Flares or even our Rub Rails.

As a systems based company, every component in our MetalCloak Body Armor System works together (literally bolting together) to create what we like to call "Rock-Biting Strength".

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