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Eight Months of Development Are Yours for the Asking...

When the engineers here at are tasked with a new project they ask one question... How Can We Make This Better Than Its Ever Been Made Before? 

Designing a JK Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier presented a list of problems that Jeepers have had to just “deal with” in the past while using sub-standard, typical bumper/tire carriers: challenging installation, persistent rattling and squeaks, difficulty trying to open or close the carrier, sub-par fitment, etc...

has systematically tackled each of these problems with revolutionary designs and the result is an unprecedented bumper.
The Frame-Built Combo-base attaches directly to the Jeep frame for the ultimate strength and support for the tire carrier, but we didn't just want strength and functionality; we wanted more.

To go in line with our focus on LCG Builds (Low Center of Gravity), we lowered the carrier arm a full 10 inches down from other carrier designs and added additional support to secure the tire. Our unique Dual Bearing swing-out system opens with ease and closes onto a double latch mechanism for safety. The carrier is adjustable to hold up to 38” tire and is mounted solid to eliminate rattles and squeaks.

To finish the bumper we developed four different end cap options to stylize and compliment the look of the bumper to fit your exacting needs from OE (full width without carrier), Overland ( full width with or without carrier), or Extreme (crawler caps with or without carrier).

When looking for a new bumper for your JK Jeep Wrangler, look no further. Combine Utility, Function, Style, and Strength with the JK Wrangler Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier; it is the perfect upgrade for your Jeep.

See the videos below for more information...

 Frame-Built Jeep Bumpers JK Wrangler Replacement Front Bumper JK Rear Bumper Tire Carrier
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LCG Tire Carrier System
JK Frame-Built Front
Combo Bumper System
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Carrier So Good?